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chris dorsey 




Copyright © 2017 chris dorsey 

Table of Contents 

Foreword v 

The Militia Handbook 

People, Government and the 

of the World 1 

The Virginia Constitution and 
the United 

States Constitution 6 

Bank for International 
Settlements (BIS) 10 

Dark Occult and the BIS 13 

Federal Reserve Bank 18 

Ownership of BIS 21 

Continuity of Government 
(COG) 25 

Implementing the Law 32 

The Militia and the Solution 

Zionist Shadow Government 

About the Author 47 

Bibliography 51 


Many of us associate 
present day ever increasing 
discussions about the 
harmful plans and actions of 
authorities and governments 
against its people with irony 
and sarcasm. The purpose of 
this book is to establish 
context by which we can 
discern for ourselves. It is of 
value to every individual 
whose awareness of world 

events is expanding beyond 
one’s own naivete. The 

issues that have been 
addressed in this book are 
highly involved, and require a 
good deal of debate and 
reflection, however, the 

fundamental issues are 

unequivocally presented 

The ideas that Chris 
Dorsey shares in The Militia 
Handbook improve not only 
awareness of oneself and 
ones environment, but also 
understanding of our 
relationship to God and the 
workings of the supreme law 
of the universe - the Natural 
Law. It is this aspect of the 
book that inspired its 
creation, or as Chris Dorsey 
says: ‘God creates Man, Man 
creates government’. 

Changes in the world result 
from changes in awareness. 
Thereby knowing that man 
can never be subject to its 
creation simply reflects the 
fundamental ancient 

teachings of liberty and 
freedom, which only come at 
the price of understanding 
that ‘the truth shall set you 

Chris Dorsey goes 
directly to the core of the 
problem, and as the great 
teaching says: ‘For the love 
of money is the root of all 
evil’. Money, power and 
slavery, be it mental or 
physical, are intimately 
connected. As Chris Dorsey 
explains: ‘All man labors to 
create is his property’. 
However, when the ability of 
man to keep his property is 
destroyed by the constant 
devaluation of currency due 
to leveraging artificially 
created debt, man’s freedom 
ceases to exist. 

The fact that ‘God 
creates Man, Man creates 
government’ is also a great 
leveler, proof positive that the 
mighty and powerful are as 
vulnerable as the very least 
of us. Imagine a new world 
that is just within reach. 
Every transition has at its 
heart and by necessity, the 
incentive of 

belief. This book is about the 
possibilities of expanded 
human consciousness, and 
the transition of the human 
species that is under way. 
The direction in which we 
move forward is according to 
the human Will, which we 
shall individually and 
collectively choose. 

As John Locke, an 
English philosopher, once 
said: The end of law is not to 
abolish or restrain, but to 
preserve and enlarge 
freedom. For in all the states 
of created beings capable of 
law, where there is no law, 
there is no freedom’. 
Therefore, in order to free 
humanity from a perpetual 
slavery of the mind, body and 
spirit, Chris Dorsey and the 
Militia require the lawful 
arrest and standing down of 
the leaders of all 
corporations and 

governments, including all 
millionaires and billionaires, 
according to the 
requirements set in Article III, 
Section 3 of the U.S. 
Constitution on the grounds 
of treason, based on 
irrefutable evidence. 

I am deeply honored to 
have this 

opportunity to invite you to 
make this book a part of your 
life, and challenge you to 
apply it’s message. 

Irena Hlinkova 
London, England 
21st October 





People, Government and 
the State of the World 

The Zionist Shadow 
Government is at war with 
the people. Like all other 
military conflicts it is a war 
conducted by the secretive 
institutions that control 
Government. In order to save 
the planet the people must 
take decisive actions to 
depose the hidden power 
structure. This manual will 
give instructions for how the 
people can fight back against 
our common enemy using 
strategies to neutralize the 
criminals that enslave the! 
planet (Ciment, 2013). 

In 2018 life on Earth is 
pushed to the brink by 
numerous extinction level 
scenarios created by the 
leaders of the institutions that 
control world government. 
The Zionist Shadow 
Government or ZSG includes 
commanders of all banks, 
corporations, government, 
military and media. They 
share bloodlines, 

membership in the same 
secret societies and the 
ability to leverage the world’s 
valuable assets. This 

handbook will arm the 
uncontrolled opposition with 
the capacity to detect, 
disrupt, degrade, and 

destroy the tyrants raping the 
planet (Surhone et al, 2010). 

The people of the world 
have been conditioned to 
accept the fact that 
government can eliminate 
the world population 
numerous times over through 
use of its nuclear/biological 
arsenal and that the right of 
the people to bear arms 
ought to be limited. We must 
change that paradigm. 

God created Man, Man 
created government! 

“So God created man in His 
own image; in the image of 
God He created him; male 
and female He created 

Genesis 1:27; 


Government is formed 
for the purpose of serving 
people. More specifically, 
when speaking of the United 
States of America, the 
Inherent Rights of people are 
expressed in the founding 
documents. These rights 
have also been enumerated 
in countless international 
constitutions. Unfortunately, 
throughout history a hidden 
force exists that directs 
government and 

enslaves the planet. The 
Zionist Shadow Government 
has usurped the people’s 
authority in America through 
the suspension of the 
Constitution for the United 
States (Ibid.; Constitution 
Society, 1994). The US 
Constitution sets forward the 
rules for the government, 
which also enumerates some 
infinite rights of the people. 
The people ordain the 
government to serve our 
interest. It is explicitly written 
into the law that government 
and government agents are 
servants of the people (VA 
Declaration of Rights, Article 
2 ). 

However, at this time-in 
reality, the public are slaves 
to government. The secret 
government leadership 
manages a global military 
directed police state based 
on financing all sides of 
continuous war. They 
produce artificial scarcity, 
environmental destruction 
and debt slavery. The 
leaders of all nations 
including Russia, China, and 
the United States are subject 
to follow the orders of the 
secret Zionist Shadow 
Government (Constitution 
Society, 1994). 

Therefore, the people of 
all nations share a common 
enemy. The structure of the 

Shadow Government is 
based on the control of 
money, military, and minds. 
The malevolent entities on 
top of the global pyramid 
scheme are carrying out 
contingency plans for the 
complete neutralization of a 
majority of the population not 
complicit in their scheme 
(Preston, 2013). 

Full spectrum 

environmental and 

population domination is the 
goal of the ruling class. The 
operative tools and tactics of 
the Secret Government will 
be examined in this writing 
"With the purpose of boiling 
the superfluous complexities 
of geopolitics down to 
material factors that are 
exhibited in the strategic 
command of the planet. 
Overseeing the global control 
grid are a network of 
transnational corporations, 
secret societies, central 
banks, the military industrial 
complex, and media. The 
Zionist Shadow Government 
finances all sides of every 
military/financial conflict, 
controls food production, 
money creation, and 
manufactures large scale 
extinction level poisoning of 
our habitat (Axelord, 1992). 
The endgame for the ZSG is 
underway! The time is now 
for we the people to eliminate 
this criminal enterprise 

before it eliminates us. 

We shall expose the 
most important elements of 
the Shadow Government and 
what it will take to depose the 
current system. The 
Government instigated end 
of the world scenario is 
presented to the public as 
logical while the God given 
and constitutionally 

enumerated right to bear 
arms through the corporate 
media is deemed irrational. 
The current balance of 
military power is the most 
dangerous inversion of the 
law of the land imaginable. 


Through full government 
disclosure and transfer of 
assets to be controlled by the 
people a more fair and just 
system must & will ensue. 

The Virginia Constitution 
and the United States 

The Virginia Constitution 
in Article I, Section 13, 
states: “A well regulated 
militia, composed of the body 
of the people, trained to 
arms, is the proper, natural, 
and safe defence of a free 
state; that standing armies, in 
time of peace, should be 
avoided, as dangerous to 
liberty; and that, in all cases, 
the military should be under 
strict subordination to, and 

governed by, the civil power.” 


This clearly dictates the 
people must always have 
superior firepower over the 
government. Under the law 
the Virginia Militia (the 
people) are the rightful 
stewards of the Pentagon 
and DOD infrastructure, and 
the Naval Station Norfolk 
including nuclear 


It is important to note 
that the American Militia and 
the American People are one 
and the same. The creator of 
the Virginia Declaration of 
Rights, George Mason IV, 
described the oneness of the 
Militia to the people when he 

states: “I ask, Sir, what is the 
militia? It is the whole people, 
except for a few public 
officials” (Madison, 1989). 

The Virginia Declaration 
of Rights set the tone for the 
United States Bill of Rights 
which reiterates the need for 
a Militia in Amendment II, 
which states: “A well 
regulated Militia, being 
necessary to the security of a 
free State, the right of the 
people to keep and bear 
Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

All military and financial 
assets must be turned over 
to the people and monitored 7 
in every city, state and 
nation. The operative 
agencies, instillations, secret 
societies, families and 
individuals that under the law 
must be politically neutralized 
shall be enumerated. It is 
important to remember that 
your enemy are not strangers 
in far off nations. The enemy 
are the leaders of the 
institutions that control not 
only the American 
government but also every 
government that forwards the 
agenda of the United Nations 
and the Zionist International 
Banking Cartel. 

In every nation especially 
the United 

States, the countries of the 
European Union, Russia and 
China the people must 

politically neutralize the 

stakeholders in the current 
banker controlled 

governments. All elections 
are rigged, those who 

participate in the sham 
benefit only the adversary. 
The current judicial system 
with the treasonous Supreme 
Court and unconstitutional 
Bar Association must be tried 
and convicted for their 

supreme crimes according to 
the penalties set forward for 
high crimes in the common 
and constitutional law. The 
aonly way to save the world is 
to abolish the fraudulent 
system and remove the 
current 1% of wealth 
hoarders from influence by 
the use of any and all means. 

Bill Clinton’s Mentor & 
Georgetown University 
Professor Carroll Quigley 
states in Tragedy and Hope: 
“The power of financial 
capitalism had [a] far 
reaching plan, nothing less 
than to create a world system 
of financial control in private 
hands able to dominate the 
political system of each 
country and the economy of 
the world as a whole. This 
system was to be controlled 
in a feudalistic fashion by the 

banks of the world acting in 
concert, by secret 
agreements arrived at in 
frequent meetings and 
conferences. The apex of the 
system was to be the Bank 
for International Settlements 
in Basel, Switzerland, a 
private bank owned and 
controlled by the world’s 
central banks, which were 
themselves private 

corporations. Each central 
bank sought to dominate its 
government by its ability to 
control treasury loans, to 
manipulate foreign 

exchanges, to influence the 
level of economic activity in 
the country, and to influenceg 
co-operative politicians by 
subsequent rewards in the 
business world” (Quigley, 

Bank for International 
Settlements (BIS) 

The Federal Reserve 
Bank takes orders from the 
Bank for International 
Settlements located in Basel 
Switzerland (Eizenstat et al, 
1997). The BIS is the central 
bank of the central banks 
and controls nearly every 
nation on the planet through 
Basel III or the Third Basel 
Accord (BIS, 2010). Because 
a foreign bank controls the 
money supply and therefore 
every aspect of the 
government, American 
sovereignty and law is 
violated. The United States 
Constitution is the supreme 
law of the land, all 

government officials swear 
an oath to uphold the 

founding document of our 
country, therefore every 
official in this country is 

violating their oath of office. 
There is Roman Maxim that 
states: “Those who make the 
law must obey the law”. 

Unfortunately the basis of our 
current system contradicts 
the truism. US government 
officials serve a cabal of 
bankers and are not 
magistrates of the people. 
The current Jewish owned 
usury based central banking 
system violates Article I, 

Section 8; Article I, Section 
10; Article IV, Section 4; 
Article VI; and most 
importantly Article III, Section 
3 of Constitution for the 
United States. There is no 
lawful or legal standing for 
the US and Virginia 
Government in its current 
form. Taxes as well as 
enforcement of the unlawful 
statutes put in place by 
fraudulent actors engaged in 
dishonour to their oath are 
null and void. 

The Bank For 
International Settlements is 
the central bank for the 
world’s central banks. Thd 1 
BIS is the lender of last 
resort and through Basel III 
sets the controls over every 
nation’s central bank with the 
exception of Iran and North 
Korea, which it controls 
indirectly. The BIS is the 
Financial Agent for all 
international agreements. 
This global lender of last 
resort holds 10% of monetary 
reserves for 80 of the World’s 
Central Banks including the 
International Monetary Fund. 
The Agenda of the BIS is set 
forward in a document titled 
The Bank For International 
Settlements: An Introduction 
presented by Jean-Francois 
Rigaudy Head of Treasury: 


I. Corporate purpose and 

Article 3 of BIS Statutes: 

“To promote the co-operation 
of central banks and to 
provide additional facilities 
for international financial 

II. Fostering international 
monetary and financial 

Bi-monthly meetings of 
Governors: Global Economy, 
Review Meeting, All 
governors, G10, Emerging 

III. The bank of central banks 

Some 130 central banks, 
plus a number of 
international institutions, 
currently make active use of 
BIS banking services 
(Rigaudy, 2008). 

Dark Occult and the BIS 

When examining any 
criminal enterprise one must 
follow the money to properly 
comprehend its operation. 
The leadership of all nations 
works for the 

owners/stakeholders of the 
International Banking Cartel 
and belong to the same 
Judeo-Masonic Secret 

Societies (Christian, 2016; 
Nilus, 2009). All actions of 
the world government are 
predicated on extortion 
through the use of violence in 
order to consolidate power. 
The leadership of tha3 
Shadow Government are 
dark occultists who practice 
black magic in order to 
manipulate people and 
events. The most powerful 
spell the satanic world order 
cast over the people is 
money magic. 

The current owner class 
easily manipulates the mind, 
body, and soul of the people 
in exchange for worthless so- 
called currency created by 
doing nothing more than 
entering a code into a 
computer program. In order 
for one to eat and have 
shelter in the world one must 
have money or more 
accurately the 

ability to leverage debt, the 
relative comfort of one’s 
circumstances improves the 
more so-called money one 
has. Therefore those who 
have the ability to create 
money have control over the 
life and death of the people. 

The US Constitution 
which is still alleged to be the 
supreme law sets forward 
strict rules to guard against 
exactly the kind of criminal 
global banking syndicate that 
sits atop world government 
today. Every industry on 
earth is based in the 
exchange of the currency 
treated by the International 
Banking Cartel. The 
hierarchical world 

government structure forces 
the people of the planet to 
become debt slaves to the 
owners of the international 
banking system. The 
stakeholders of the 
International Banking Cartel 
are magicians and their 
greatest trick is manipulating 
the people into trading their 
valuable property (Land, 
Lives, Lives of Children, 
Souls etc.) in exchange for 
illusionary currency mostly 
represented by digits in a 
computer program or in rare 
instances debt notes with 
esoteric symbols. The basis 
of the secret societies that 
pull the levers of power is 

psychological control: the 
negative use of archetypal 
symbols to manipulate the 
unconscious mind is 
demonstrated on the physical 
money they create. 

To begin our examination 
of the dark occult symbols on 
The Federal Reserve Note 
one must start with the magic 
word money, which is derived 
from the Latin Moneta, which 
is the surname of the Roman 
Goddess Juno. When one 
digs deeper it is revealed that 
Moneta is the Goddess of 
memory and the mind 
(Encyclopaedia Britannica, 
2017). Further digging 5 
betrays the ultimate secret 
which is the mono eye or 
third eye symbology which 
appears as the so called all 
seeing eye of Ra levitating 
above the unfinished pyramid 
on our money (Lett, 2008; 
Hill, 2008). This represents 
the Pineal Gland also known 
as the third eye or in this 
case the mono eye situated 
between the hemispheres of 
the brain and is the seat of 
the soul which connects the 
left brain masculine 
hemisphere with the right 
side feminine hemisphere 
(Hall, 2015). The harnessing 
of water and energy are 
connected to the money 

symbolism also. The 
currency flows down the 
river, which flows along a 
bank is identical to the 
money supply. Similarly in 
electronics a bank allows for 
currency leakage, which 
leads to a dissipation of 

The harnessing of 
energy is the basis of the 
New World Order Power 
Structure. The living earth 
along with all its inhabitants 
is forced to be the fuel for a 
machine that is intent for the 
destruction of the individual 
and our habitat. There are 
Countless additional 

esoterically significant 

Illuminati symbols on our 
money including the 
repetitive use of the number 
13 in the levels of stone in 
the pyramid, the number of 
letters in the phrase E 
Pluribus Unum (Out of many, 
one) or the 13 stars forming 
a hexagram appear above 
the Phoenix that holds 13 
arrows (Lett, 2008; Navarro, 
2001). The number 1776 is 
significant because of the 
formation of the Bavarian 
Illuminati more so than the 
writing of the Declaration of 
Independence (S.D.S et al, 
2012). It is noteworthy also 
that two additional powerful 
connected occult numbers 
72 which is the number of 
stones in the pyramid and 9 

is the number of tail feathers 
on the Phoenix (Navarro, 
2001; Gaunt, 1997). The 
world is run by symbols and 
they are hidden in plain sight. 
Even if one were to disregard 
every obvious occult symbol 
on the Federal Reserve 
Note, the fraud is also 
SPELLED on every bill. THIS 
AND PRIVATE. The Federal 
Reserve note is nothing more 
than an IOU, which is based 
entirely on debt. 


Federal Reserve Bank 

Money creation in the 
United States is exclusive to 
a privately owned foreign 
controlled central bank 
known as the Federal 
Reserve. In 1913 the 
Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller, 
Lehman, Kuhn Loeb; the 
Rothschild, the Warburg, the 
Lazard and The Schiff 
families unconstitutionally 
enslaved the American 
population through creating a 
global pyramid scheme 
called the Federal Reserve 
System. The System, which 
its commonly known as The 
Fed has brought numerous 
negative consequences 
including devaluation of the 
currency, reduction in 
American purchasing power 
and ever increasing military 
spending (Mullins, 2015; 
Henderson, 2011). 

The United States 
Government is controlled by 
a Zionist International 
Banking Cartel through the 
Federal Reserve (Christian, 
2016; Nilus, 2009). The 
Fed’s existence violates 
Article I, Section 8; Article I, 
Section 10; Article III, Section 
3; Article IV, Section 4; and 
Article VI of US Constitution. 
In the United States the 

Federal Reserve Bank is the 
privately owned foreign 
controlled institution that 
lends money to government 
and enslaves the population 
through taxes, bonds, and 
interest. This practice of 
unscrupulous monetary 
control is known as usury, 
and must be abolished. The 
Federal Reserve Bank takes 
orders from the Bank For 
International Settlements 
located in Basel Switzerland. 
The BIS controls nearly 
every nation on the planet 
through Basel III or the Third 
Basel Accord (Eizenstat, 
1997; BIS, 2010 & 2017). 
Because a foreign bankg 
controls the money supply 
and therefore every aspect of 
the government American 
sovereignty and law is 

One of the most 
shocking aspects of the 
Zionist International Banking 
Cartel is their infinite 
monetizing of debt. Through 
the act of turning toxic 
holdings into derivatives the 
usury based banks have 
created over 1.5 quadrillion 
dollars worth of debt 
(Landman, 2015). This 
amount is many times more 
than every product that has 
ever or will ever be bought 
and/or sold. This is the height 
of absurdity. 

Title 31 of US Code 
requires a yearly audit of the 
real assets of the Federal 
Reserve System, however 
this mandate has never been 
carried out. As with all 
valuable assets held by the 
ZSG the Militia must publicly 
document the Fed’s holdings 
with twenty-four hour live 
surveillance video. The 
people must also publicly 
require the assets be turned 
over to them. Daily 
inventories and live video of 
all assets and every 
important function of the 
central bank must be subject 
to public monitoring. In order 
2 fc>r a governing system to 
benefit its creator, the people 
must control the value as 
well as the distribution of our 
currency to benefit the many 
rather than the few. The 
owners and top stakeholders 
of the International Banking 
Cartel must have their assets 
frozen/seized, and be 
publicly tried, convicted, and 
punished to the fullest extent 
of the law. 

Ownership of BIS 

BIS shareholders are the 
following central banks: 

Bank of Algeria 

Central Bank of Argentina 

Reserve Bank of Australia 

Central Bank of the Republic 
of Austria 

National Bank of Belgium 

Central Bank of Bosnia and 
Herzegovina 2 

Central Bank of Brazil 

Bulgarian National Bank 

Bank of Canada 

Central Bank of Chile 

People’s Bank of China 

Bank of the Republic 

Croatian National Bank 

Czech National Bank 

Denmarks Nationalbank 


Bank of Estonia 

European Central Bank 

Bank of Finland 

Bank of France 

Deutsche Bundesbank 

Bank of Greece 

Hong Kong Monetary 

Magyar Nemzeti Bank 



Central Bank of Iceland 
Reserve Bank of India 
Bank Indonesia 
Central Bank of Ireland 
Bank of Israel 
Bank of Italy 
Bank of Japan 
Bank of Korea 

Bank of Latvia 

Bank of Lithuania 

Central Bank of Luxembourg 

National Bank of the 
Republic of Macedonia 

Central Bank of Malaysia 

Bank of Mexico 

Netherlands Bank 

Reserve Bank of New 

Central Bank of Norway 


Central Reserve Bank of 

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas 

National Bank of Poland 

Bank of Portugal 

National Bank of Romania 

Central Bank of the Russian 

Saudi Arabian Monetary 

National Bank of Serbia 

Monetary Authority of 

National Bank of Slovakia 

Bank of Slovenia 

South African Reserve Bank 

Bank of Spain 

Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden) 

Swiss National Bank 

Bank of Thailand 

Central Bank of the Republic 
of Turkey 

2 pentral Bank of the United 
Arab Emirates 

Bank of England 

Board of Governors of the 
Federal Reserve System 
(United States) 

(BIS, 2017) 

Continuity of Government 

Underground. Undersea 
Government Bases. 

In every corner of the 
globe the Shadow 
Government operates 

underground cities, military 
bases and a transportation 
system, which connects 
them. Underground and 
undersea facilities have 
numerous purposes 

including weapon^ 

deployment, command, 
communication, and the 
manufacture of secret 
technology, they also serve 
as an ark capable of 
preserving human life and 
food along with basic modern 
technology (Bates, 2017; 
Johnson, 2002; Kristensen, 
2006 & 2005; Sepp, 2000). 

The underground and 
undersea bases have 
storage and deployment 
capability for nuclear 
weapons. The facilities under 
the earth’s surface are 
designed to deliver and 
withstand nuclear blasts. 
Undersea bases are capable 
of docking numerous nuclear 
submarines, which can strike 
after above ground facilities 
are obliterated. The 
institutions that control alobal 

military superpowers 

including the United States 
have created a doomsday 
scenario through the 
proliferation of nuclear 
weapons and constant war 
crimes. The same institutions 
have created an escape 
route in case they purposely 
or inadvertently instigate a 
catastrophic event including 
but not limited to nuclear 
strikes inside the United 
States (Ibid.). 

Modern warfare and 
suspension of rights is 
always fomented through a 
clandestine operation, 

terrorist attacks are carried 
out by the intelligence 
agencies acting on behalf of 
the Zionist Shadow 
Government. These attacks 
are blamed on uninvolved 
groups or individuals. A 
government plan called 
Continuity of Operations was 
installed as a result of the 
September 11, 2001 false 
flag attacks carried out 
against the American people 
by Zionists inside the 
US/lsraeli governments 
(FEMA, 2017). 

The Continuity of 
Operations is a federal 
initiative directed by FEMA 
and the Department of 
Homeland Security. 

“Continuity of Operations, as 
defined in the National 
Security Presidential 

Directive-20 (NSPD- 

51/HSPD-20) and the 
National Continuity Policy 
Implementation Plan 

(NCPIP), is an effort within 
individual executive 

departments and agencies to 
ensure that Primary Mission 
Essential Functions (PMEFs) 
continue to be performed 
during a wide range of 
emergencies, including 
localized acts of nature, 
accidents and technological 
or attack-related 

emergencies” (Ibid.). 

The number of command 
and control bases operated 
by the Zionist Shadow 7 
Government around the 
United States especially the 
District of Columbia is well 
established and rapidly 
expanding. Established 
Continuity of Government 
sites utilized include 
unspecified alternative 

underground command posts 
in Pennsylvania, Colorado, 
Virginia, West Virginia and 
Maryland. Site R Raven 
Rock Mountain, 

Pennsylvania along with Site 
C on South Mountain in 
Washington County, 

Maryland are two such 
areas. These installations 
located within miles of Camp 
David, Maryland are part of 
Pentagon Reservation and 
are known as Alternate 
National Military Command 
Center or 

National Command Center 
Reservation. Sites R and C 
serve as a backup Pentagon 
and communications center 
(Public Intelligence, 2010; 
About Camp David, 2015; 
U.S. Department of Defense, 
2011 ). 

NORAD Cheyenne 
Mountain Complex in 
Colorado Springs, Colorado 
is another such facility. The 
NCMC was designed to 
protect the headquarters of 
the North American early 
warning and control network 
(jointly operated by the US 
and Canada) from nuclear 
attack (NAADC, 2017). High 
Point Special Facility in 
Berryville, Virginia also 
known as the Mount Weather 
Emergency Operations 
Center is another (FEMA, 
2015). The Mount Weather 
site is an unacknowledged 
Continuity of Government 
(COG) facility operated by 
the Federal Emergency 
Management Agency (Ibid.). 
Mount Pony in Culpeper, 
Virginia is operated by the 
Richmond Federal Reserve 
for the transfer of electronic 
funds, gold and currency 
storage (FAS, 1998). The site 
was transferred to the Library 
of Congress in 1997 (Ibid.; 
Library of Congress, 2012). 
The White Sulphur Springs in 

Greenbrier County, West 
Virginia was designed to 
house Congress (Gup, 
1992). Peters Mountain in 
Albemarle County, an 
underground base owned by 
AT&T, is the destination for 
the Washington Intelligence 
infrastructure in case of 
nuclear disaster or a fed up 
populace clued into the 
treason of the government 
(Price, 2008; Monroe- 
Hamilton, 2015; Durden, 
2015). Nearly 900,000 
military, civilians, and private 
contractors hold top-secret 
clearance. There are thirty- 
three building complexes for 
highest-level securityg 

clearance workers that have 
been built since September 
2001 or are under 
construction (Priest et al, 

The Department of 
Homeland Security, which 
oversees much of the COG 
operations, has a new 3.4 
billion dollar headquarters in 
the Anacostia section of The 
District of Columbia 
(McDermott, 2015). The new 
DHS headquarters is the 
largest government-building 
project since the construction 
of the Pentagon. The United 
States Government has 
created weapons of mass 
destruction arsenal that can 
wipe out population centers. 
However, these same 

cowardly individuals have an 
underground escape plan 
while the rest of us deal with 
the consequences of mass 

The number of agents 
with top-secret clearance 
throughout the US especially 
in the Mid-Atlantic region is 
rapidly growing. These 
individuals must be required 
to divulge all the information 
they know and defer to the 
authority of the Militia. The 
top of this military ZSG must 
be lawfully neutralized, while 
those of lower rank will be 
less severely dealt with as 
3 fong as they follow orders 
from the people. The key to 
every lawful action of the 
Militia is public awareness, 
the people must have the 
capability to scrutinize the 
most important elements of 
government every second of 
every day. 24 hour public 
video monitoring of the 
agents and facilities that 
make up the power structure 
of the Zionist Shadow 
Government will ensure 
honesty. If the Shadow 
Government has nothing to 
hide they should be happy to 
be overseen by those they 
swear an oath to serve. 
Eventually these 

underground military bases 
and other secret facilities will 
be closed. However, public 
knowledge and control 

over all top-secret military 
weapons must be secured. 

Implementing the Law 

Preamble US Constitution 

We the People of the United 
States, in Order to form a 
more perfect Union, establish 
Justice, insure domestic 
Tranquillity, provide for the 
common defence, promote 
the general Welfare, and 
secure the Blessings of 
Liberty to ourselves and our 
Posterity, do ordain and 
establish this Constitution for 
the United States of America. 

Virginia Declaration of Rights 
3 ?n Article I, Section 2, states: 

That all power is vested in, 
and consequently derived 
from, the people; that 
magistrates are their trustees 
and servants and at all times 
amenable to them. 

Virginia Declaration of Rights 
Article I, Section 3, states: 

That government is, or ought 
to be, instituted for the 
common benefit, protection, 
and security of the people, 
nation, or community; of all 
the various modes and forms 
of government, that is 

best which is capable of 
producing the greatest 
degree of happiness and 
safety and is most effectually 
secured against the danger 
of maladministration; and 
that, when any government 
shall be found inadequate or 
contrary to these purposes, a 
majority of the community 
hath an indubitable, 
inalienable, and indefeasible 
right to reform, alter, or 
abolish it, in such manner as 
shall be judged most 
conducive to the public weal. 

Because government is 
a creation of the people in 
order to protect our God* 3 
given rights, our ancestors 
wrote explicitly on the duty of 
the people to abolish any 
government which does not 
serve our interests. The 
institutions that currently 
control government are 
engaged in war against the 
people, and whatever tactic 
which is used by the 
government against the 
people can be used by the 
people against the 

The Militia and the 

There are many who 
write on the hidden hand that 
enslaves the planet, however 
few offer solutions to 
neutralize the persons and 
institutions which carry out 
global tyranny. We as the 
Militia will offer not only the 
why but also the how in 
regard to destroying the 
unlawful criminal entity that 
runs the One World 
Government. The institutions 
that control government exist 
in violation of the law and 
smust be neutralized. In 
addition to writing about the 
unlawful nature of the 
government we also put a 
bullseye on their 
owners/officers. It is always 
the case that a small group 
of dedicated individuals are 
the driving force behind 
change, the abolition of the 
Zionist Shadow Government 
will be no different. The first 
step is to gather a group of 
informed individuals who 
realize that if we do not act 
now against the government 
it will soon be too late. The 
usurping ruling class is 
aware that their grip on 
power is tenuous, which is 
why every media covered 
opposition group is in fact 
created by the government 
they pretend to oppose. The 

Virginia Militia has infiltrated 
and exposed these 
controlled opposition groups 
over the past fifteen years 
and we have concluded that 
action and not empty rhetoric 
drives change. 

The government rules 
through force. This 
compliance through violence 
model is made clear when 
one views the ever 
increasing deadly force 
exerted by the domestic 
occupying militarized police 
forces and murderous 
multinational war machine. 
The Militia as it stands now 
can not beat these^ 
government forces fighting a 
battle on our enemies terms. 
However, with a small 
number and proper tactics 
the current unlawful 
government structure will be 
brought down like a house of 

As members of the Militia 
it is the duty of all to not only 
arm themselves with guns 
but also more importantly 
with wisdom and a video 
camera. The first step in 
dealing with any corporate or 
government entity is to 
record and disseminate all 
interactions. Establishing the 
criminal nature of 
government and identifying 
individuals engaged in 
crimes against the people is 
essential. The government 

men and women in this 
country. It is time now to 
lawfully target the real 
criminals which are corporate 
and government leaders. 

All who work for 
government and corporations 
are guilty of crimes and are 
subject to severe 
punishment. This fact will be 
used as leverage to make 
those in non-leadership 
positions assist in 
neutralizing the entities they 
serve and the bosses they 
once took orders from. Truth 
and straightforwardness is 
the key to combating a 
3 fcriminal government. The 
Militia above all must be fair 
and open about our lawful 

Unlike our enemy, the 
Zionist Government, we will 
not target the innocent, nor 
will we use their satanic 
abuse of children. We will 
use all lawful tactics including 
constitutionally mandated 
capital punishment against 
those who chose to continue 
forwarding government 
sponsored child abuse. 

The government has 
made clear they are 
unlawfully spying on the 
people. The Militia in 
response will expand our 
video surveillance of 

corporate and government 
leaders. Not only will the 
Militia stake out and record 
our enemies while lawfully 
carrying firearms we will 
open source the names and 
addresses of our surveillance 
targets to the body of the 
people. Through current 
technology we have the 
capacity to monitor those 
who give the orders for the 
institutions that control the 
criminal government 24 
hours a day and 7 days a 

In every county, city, and 
state the Militia must have a 
force that can and will arrest 7 
those who hold the highest 
positions in government 
along with the top 
corporate/banking leaders 
who benefit from the criminal 
system. To initiate this policy 
which is the only way to 
guarantee freedom, the 
people must require the 
government to comply with 
the complete monitoring of 
their actions. Names 
addresses and current 
locations of all leaders must 
be available to the public. 
Periodic detentions and 
broadcasted debriefing of 
military, banking, 

government, and corporate 
leaders will enable public 
oversight of government as 
well as the ability to direct 
our servants as mandated by 


The population of our 
once great nation has 
become dumb and cowardly, 
that being the case we must 
always deal in reality and 
turn everything to our 
advantage. Because of the 
immoral and unintelligent 
nature of our population the 
lower level order followers of 
the police and military can be 
pressured effectively. The 
practice of Meidung or 
Shunning used by the Amish 
is a tactic that must be used 
in addition to military 
practices (Kraybill et al, 
3 201 5). Shunning is social 
avoidance. It is an alteration 
of behaviour towards an 
individual who has wilfully 
violated rules in this case the 
rules of the United States 
Constitution. Proper 

propaganda techniques are 
key to encouraging a critical 
mass to engage in overt 
targeting of individuals 
carrying out crimes against 
the planet. 

As members of the body 
of the people and the Militia 
we must recognize the 
unconventional rules of 
engagement our enemies 
use against us. Most but not 
all of the tactics employed by 
the Zionists are 

asymmetrical. We have 
compiled a checklist which 
will assist the Militia in both 
neutralizing the enemy as 
well as restoring our authority 
over government. The Zionist 
Shadow Government is the 
modern day incarnation of 
the plan to create a One 
World Government controlled 
by the bloodline associated 
with ethnic “Jews” (Bowling, 
2011). These well organized 
“Jews” have been a scourge 
on humanity throughout 
history and it is now time to 
eliminate their illegitimate 
authority. The Militia shall 
identify the individuals, 
institutions, and entities thafeg 
have usurped authority over 
the people of the world. 
Additionally we shall provide 
the methodology to 
implement the lawful 
restoration of authority 
through the neutralization of 
the leaders and tactics of the 
Zionists who control 
government. Most 

importantly the people shall 
lawfully maintain control of all 
assets which are currently 
illegally held by the 
institutions that rule the 
unlawful occupied 


Zionist Shadow 

Who currently controls the 
nuclear arsenal? 

The American people are 
told we are not responsible 
enough to own a handgun, 
however the Jews have 
created weapons designed 
to destroy the planet. We 
have established that the 
Militia and specifically the 
Virginia Militia has the lawful 
authority to control all 
weapons of the United States 
military. We shall remind the 
people that in Article I, 
Section 8, of the Constitution 
for the US, a standing army 
lasting more than two years 
is prohibited. 

The Zionist State of 
Israel has a plan known as 
the Samson Option designed 
as first strike strategy 
targeting every major 

population center on earth 
(Hersh, 2013). The Militia 
shall lawfully gain control of 
the US Arsenal and 

Neutralize the Samson 

Option using all means. 

Who currently controls the 
Deep Underground Military 
Bases Continuity of 



bases, doomsday seed 
vaults, and underground 
cities are used as an all 
purpose command center. 
The leaders of the Zionist 
Shadow Government are 
using these installations as 
an escape route and secret 
base of operations (Bates, 
2017; Johnson, 2002; 
Kristensen, 2006 & 2005; 
Sepp, 2000). The Militia must 
gain command and expose 
all activity inside these 
facilities. The leaders of the 
multinational Zionist 

controlled shadow military 
will be tried and convicted for 
their Treason. 


Who currently controls the 
International Banking Cartel. 
the IMF. BIS. World Bank- 
Fractional Reserve Banking. 
High Speed Trading, the 
Swift System and all other 
instruments of wealth 

The body of the people 
has no power without our 
ability to maintain the value 
of our property. Under the 
Common Law all man 
labours to gain is his 
property. All financial policies 
in our country must cease to 
act only against the interest 
of the people. The assets of 
the people will be lawfully 
guaranteed through 

enforcement of the Law of 
the Land. In addition all hard 
assets held by the central 
banks including but not 
limited to gold must be at all 
times open for public 
inspection. The policy of 
constant currency 

devaluation will be abolished 
and all leaders in the Central 
Banking/Financial industry 
shall stand trial for Treason. 

The Nuremberg 

Principles state that a war of 
aggression is the worst of all 
war crimes because without 
aggressive war there is no 
torture, genocide, starvation, 
Refugee crisis etc. (Surhone 
et al., 2010). The Zionist 
Shadow Government uses 
False Flag attacks and media 
Psychological Operations 
also known as Military 
Information Support 

Operations (MISO) to initiate 
war, Martial law, the police 
state, and general 
encroachment on the God 
given rights of the people 
(MISO, 2017). Those who 
carry out False Flag 
operations such as the 
Zionist Shadow Government 
directed attacks of 
September 11, 2001 shall be 
brought to justice for their 

The International Jew 
uses Freemasonry to exert 
control over all ethnic groups 
and nationalities (Ford, 

certain secret societies use 
their Judeo Masonic clubs to 
forward the Zionist agenda 
(Nilus, 2009). Those who use 
membership in secret 
societies to forward war 
against the people shall pay 
the lawful price for their 

The leaders of the One 
World Zionist Government 
are in the process of 
depopulating the human 
race. This plan is 
enumerated in United 
Nations Agenda 21. Agenda 
21 is nothing less than an all 
out unconventional war 
against the people of th^ 3 
planet. The tactics and 
strategy of Agenda 21 are 
varied to include weather 
war, vaccines, 

geoengineering, Project 
Cloverleaf, chemtrails, 

promoting same sex relations 
& the genocide of the 
European people. All those 
complicit in Agenda 21 must 
face the consequences for 
their Treason (United 
Nations, 1993; WordPress, 

The leaders of all 
governments from the 
Vatican, Moscow, Beijing, 
Washington, and 

Westminster etc., are all 
compromised through their 
sexual deviance and criminal 
nature (Taylor, 1999 & 2016). 
The leaders of the institutions 

prostitution networks, the 
international drug trade as 
well as all international organ 
and gun trafficking 
operations (Heyman, 1999). 
Entities such as DARPA, 
Google, Microsoft, Amazon 
and Apple are nothing more 
than fronts for international 
Jewish organized crime 
(Exposing Communists in US 
Government, 2014; Brooke, 
2012; Porterfield, 2012). This 
crime network leverages 
through force and blackmail 
overwhelming influence over 
all governments. Those who 
inflict trauma based mind 
control through programs 
4«uch as MK Ultra Monarch 
Mind Control programming 
will be punished to the fullest 
extent of the law for their 
Treason (CIA, 1984). 

The instructions used by 
the criminals forwarding the 
Jewish One World 

Government agenda is 
enumerated in the Protocols 
of the Elders of Zion (Nilus, 
2009). The evidence is clear 
that the so called Jewish 
Zionists impose their 

malevolent will over all levers 
of influence/control globally. 
The Zionist plan has been 
horrific for humanity; it must 
be exposed and destroyed. 
The destruction of the current 

power structure must be 
replaced with rule by the 
people. The vehicle for the 
restoration of the Rule of Law 
is the Militia. 

Peace & God Bless, 
chris dorsey 

Virginia Militia 


About the Author 

Chris Dorsey is a leading 
American independent 

journalist, radio host, human 
and civil rights activist, 
economist, geopolitical 
commentator, legal scholar, 
writer and the commander of 
the Virginia Militia. Chris 
Dorsey has been exposing 
and documenting the crimes 
of the institutions that control 
government for over 20 
years. He is a critic of 
Zionism and organized 
Jewry. In his work he 
addresses complex issues 
such as drug trafficking, childz 
exploitation, gun control, 
poverty, censorship of the 
press and much more. He is 
an expert on the Occult and 
the hidden agenda of the 
clandestine totalitarian one 
world government known as 
the New World Order. He 
fights for ever decreasing 
God given rights, and 
promotes world peace. Chris 
Dorsey regularly appears on 
national and international 
television including Press TV 
and Al Alam TV and his work 
has been featured in the 
Richmond Free Press, 
Richmond Times Dispatch, 
USA Today, Chicago Tribune, 
the Associated Press and 
many more. He currently 

lives and works in Richmond, 
VA, USA. Follow Chris on 
social media and listen to 
Chris’s political discussion 
show the Militia Intelligence 
Report LIVE every Friday on 
Blog Talk Radio, YouTube 
and Facebook at 8-1 Opm 

www. ch ris-dorsey. com 





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